Ticket #1001: Default WANT_SUSPEND policy goes UNDEFINED, startd EXCEPTs

Activation timer showed up in 1998 (git show 3cef52db). The conditional setting of ATTR_JOB_START has been around since at least 2003 (see V6_5-branch).

See: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=540545

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2009-Nov-25 17:17:30 by tannenba:
So... bold proposal: all startd policy expressions must meta-equals True to be triggered. In other words, if any of the policy expressions evaluate to UNDEFINED it is the same as evaluating to False. Thoughts?

2009-Nov-30 08:55:38 by tstclair:
The code actually did the "right" thing, but it was rather difficult to diagnose. I believe this points to a more fundamental issue, leaving breadcrumbs in error handling. The original error was EXCEPT( "Can't find WANT_SUSPEND in internal ClassAd" ), which gives a starting point, but developers have to whip out their sloothing hats and determine a direction.

It may be beneficial to examine the EXCEPT sites and leave breadcrumbs (e.g. - "Hint: Check that your expression does not have an UNDEFINED variable.")

maybe an EXCEPT_TYPE(T, "Message") T appends debugging info based on type. Check a, then b, then c, if all else fails nuke this code.

To be honest, I would use exceptions, or a tribool... but hey, that's me. ;-)

2009-Nov-30 09:36:52 by matt:
I would be for pulling the policy expressions into a central place where we can document and enforce consistency.
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