Ticket #2094: Schedd should hold onto claims for a short time w/no runnable jobs

The schedd reuses claims today if there is a runnable job waiting. In many cases, notably the "shishkabob dag", there isn't a runnable job just yet, but one will be coming soon. Adding a configurable timeout to keeping the claim will allow these dags to run much more efficiently
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2012-Mar-13 15:46:23 by tannenba:

Looks good, however the new classad attribute should have a macro equivalent name in condor_submit, and the condor_submit man page should be updated.

2012-Apr-03 09:56:30 by smoler:
Fixed version field changed from v070701 where original code was committed to v070706 where final code changes committed.
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Type: enhance           Last Change: 2012-Apr-03 10:12
Status: resolved          Created: 2011-Apr-26 15:35
Fixed Version: v070706           Broken Version: v070600 
Priority:          Subsystem: Daemons 
Assigned To: gthain           Derived From:  
Creator: gthain  Rust:  
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Notify: smoler@cs.wisc.edu, matt@cs.wisc.edu, tstclair@redhat.com, tannenba@cs.wisc.edu  Due Date: 20110819 

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