Ticket #2185: allow setting of hold reason and sub-code

The WANT_HOLD startd policy provides WANT_HOLD_REASON and WANT_HOLD_SUBCODE in order to give better feedback to the user. No such niceties exist for SYSTEM_PERIODIC_HOLD and periodic hold. The tool condor_hold allows setting of the hold reason but not the hold subcode.

Igor has requested that these deficiencies be rectified in order to improve handling of CMS CRAB jobs. He would prefer that this be done in the 7.6 series, but since this feels like new functionality, we will have to consider what to do.

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Type: enhance           Last Change: 2011-Sep-12 13:43
Status: resolved          Created: 2011-May-23 10:20
Fixed Version: v070701           Broken Version: v070700 
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2011-Jul-27 14:51   Check-in [26152]: documented new -subcode option for condor_hold ===GT:Fixed=== #2185 (By Karen Miller )
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2011-May-28 11:48   Check-in [22015]: Added unit tests for custom hold/release/remove reasons. #2185 (By Dan Bradley )
2011-May-28 08:04   Check-in [26108]: Documented new support for setting hold reason and subcode. #2185 I did not make a version history entry, because the version history text is in the commit message to the condor source. (By Dan Bradley )
2011-May-28 08:02   Check-in [22013]: Added -subcode to condor_hold. ===GT=== #2185 ===VersionHistory=== The condor_hold command now accepts an option named -subcode. This can be used to set the job attribute HoldReasonSubCode. (By Dan Bradley )
2011-May-28 08:02   Check-in [22014]: Added ability to set hold reason and subcode in job policy. ===GT=== #2185 ===VersionHistory=== The hold reason string and subcode number can now be specified in the job policy. In the submit file, the new commands for doing this are periodic_hold_reason, periodic_hold_subcode, on_exit_hold_reason, and [...] (By Dan Bradley )