Ticket #2428: allow macros in dagman log files to assist templating

Mentioned on condor-users:

Universe   = standard
requirements = (Arch == "X86_64")&&  (OpSys == "LINUX")
Executable = /path/to/binary
transfer_executable = TRUE
should_transfer_files = IF_NEEDED
when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT
Arguments  = $(param)
Output     = $(id).stdout
Error      = $(id).stderr
Log        = $(id).condor_log

JOBSTATE_LOG     dag_log
JOB   RT000-rt0.01 itersave.condor_job
VARS  RT000-rt0.01 param="000 GT"
VARS  RT000-rt0.01 id="RT000-rt0.01"
RETRY RT000-rt0.01 3
JOB   RT001-rt0.01 itersave.condor_job
VARS  RT001-rt0.01 param="001 GT"
VARS  RT001-rt0.01 id="RT001-rt0.01"
RETRY RT001-rt0.01 3
(and more)

MultiLogFiles: macros ('$(...') not allowed in log file name
($(id).condor_log) in DAG node submit files

DAGMan strictly protects against possibly changing UserLog files because of the presence of macros. This covers $(Cluster) and $(Process). However, it also covers against VARS ID=ABC, as in this example, a macro that is not variable and instead allows for template submit files.

Proposal is to more narrowly disallow macros (nix Process/Cluster/anything-that-evals-at-submit-time-with-Process-or-Cluster-or-Time-etc) or give users who know what they are doing an escape hatch, a way to say "yes, i'm using macros properly, trust me"

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2011-Nov-17 12:56:19 by wenger:
I'm marking this as stalled because if we actually implement #2645, this ticket will become irrelevant.

2011-Nov-21 16:20:02 by wenger:
Deferring this because of the ideas in #2645 -- if we implement some of those things, DAGMan may no longer have to parse the log file names.

2012-Oct-04 14:23:07 by wenger:
This is pretty much no longer an issue because of #2807 being done. I'm going to leave it unresolved for now, but move it down to priority 5. I can probably be abandoned once the new "one log file" feature is widely used.
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