Ticket #2511: libvirt awk script doesn't generate full paths

The awk script included in the Condor release for generating the libvirt xml description used for vm universe jobs doesn't generate full pathnames for disk image files when the files are transferred from the submit machine.

Attached is a patch that fixes the problem.

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2011-Sep-30 16:26:07 by tstclair:
looks ok.
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Type: defect           Last Change: 2011-Sep-30 16:40
Status: resolved          Created: 2011-Sep-29 16:22
Fixed Version: v070604           Broken Version: v070600 
Priority:          Subsystem: VM 
Assigned To: jfrey           Derived From:  
Creator: jfrey  Rust:  
Customer Group: atlas  Visibility: public 
Notify: tstclair@redhat.com  Due Date:  

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