Ticket #2536: make upper bound on time spent in Preempting/Vacate explicit

For adding support for draining partitionable slots (#2330), it is desired to make the upper bound on time spent in Preempting/Vacate explicit.

Currently, the boolean KILL expression is used to terminate the Preempting/Vacating state. This makes it awkward to compute how long it could take to drain a slot, because the upper bound on time, if any, is embedded in the boolean expression. Also, there is no standard way for the job to express its requirements or preferences.

The following is proposed:

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Type: enhance           Last Change: 2011-Oct-17 19:03
Status: resolved          Created: 2011-Oct-10 15:46
Fixed Version: v070703           Broken Version: v070703 
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Assigned To: danb           Derived From: #2330
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Customer Group: cms  Visibility: public 
Notify: tstclair@redhat.com  Due Date: 20111014 

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