Ticket #2541: Memory utilization of classads (revised)

Problem Description

When running heap profiles experiments on the schedd, we've found that doubling the queue count == doubling of the classad count in the schedd even though most of the data is the same across ads.

Also when doing performance calculations on the collector it was determined that most of the time inside of the collector was spent churning on redundant data.

Proposed solution

Keep a cache of the current in memory classads.


Approach key [str_name] = key[str_value] = weak_ptr<~ExprTree>

After several iterations on possible implementations I've settled on this implementation because it has optimal speed performance without sacrificing any space savings.

One thing that becomes apart when analyzing the data is that there is a large % or redundant data and a small % of data which churns. We could easily save more memory by having meta information in classads (possibly through nested ads).

m_Cache[name][value] = weak_ptr<Cache_Element>

All caching code backs against the Insert function(s) in classads. It was optimized so the main path by which messages come across the wire will do a look-up using a single string based function in the classads layer:

bool Insert(const std::string& serialized_nvp);

Initial Results

Space savings depends on a couple of variables:


There are a couple of internal features which have been added to aid in the diagnostics of the behavior of caching. There is an internal only knob which is hooked through DAEMON_CORE which enables a daemon to dump it's cache to a <subsystem>_classad_cache file under LOG when DEBUG_CLASSAD_CACHE=TRUE . The file dumping is hooked through SIGUSR2

kill -s 12 <collector_pid> -> drops $LOG/COLLECTOR_classad_cache


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2012-May-15 16:24:04 by tstclair:
After taking it off the shelf, dusting off, and giving this ticket much needed love things are looking good. Initial tests yield hit rates ~80% on average with a fair amount of variance depending on the workload.

I will update this ticket to include the design. Once my tests come back green I will push a final squash commit for review.

2012-May-16 15:11:39 by tstclair:

2012-May-16 15:14:03 by tstclair:
Any extra lexer optimization would still be handy, because as entries get flushed from the cache they still need to be lex'd prior to re-entry.

2012-May-22 16:25:15 by tstclair:
removing lexer mods and cleaning up + running through local tests post mods to revised approach. Will then commit and create new tickets which outline further potential gains.

2012-May-30 15:34:11 by jfrey:
CODE REVIEW of first iteration ([32102], git hash 10ae0cd4):

These have been removed and cleaned

Non starter, does not affect perf

I actually don't like this recommendation

I've verified behavior and went through that code many times so I think I will need to see exactly what you are talking about



All virtual function go through self so it should be clean, which is why the Env->Letter idiom was chosen

Non-starter with redesign, and has been tested at length

Will let other test justify

Will need example, as all tests pass

Outside of scope of this ticket

2012-May-30 15:36:53 by jfrey:
While reviewing this code, I had a few ideas for additional memory optimizations. The sizes mentioned are on x86_64 linux:

2012-Jun-26 21:54:26 by jfrey:
Followup on code review:

Because I want to ensure open semantics and it's intended to be a debug only utility to be used only by developers so safefile semantics do not matter


2012-Jun-27 13:46:40 by jfrey:
I found some additional problems with nested ads. Your most recent fix addresses when a nested ad is the value of an attribute in the parent ad. But it doesn't address when the nested ad is a subexpression. I'll attach a demonstration program similar to the previous one.


2012-Jun-29 14:12:37 by johnkn:
Wranger sez - This item needs version history. please compose a couple of sentences and send to me and or Karen.
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