Ticket #2858: Unwriteable global event log prevents writing to "normal" job logs

If you have the global event log enabled (EVENT_LOG is set in your config) and that file is not writeable, the schedd doesn't write any events to the "regular" user log specified in a job's submit file. This obviously breaks DAGMan...
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2012-Mar-01 15:27:35 by wenger:
I guess we should make an actual 'bad_event_log' test for this that does chmod 0 on the event log file (once the tests are set up to run with a global event log).

2012-Mar-02 13:54:06 by wenger:
As per discussion with Todd T, the fix for this will go into the 7.6 branch (but the test will go into 7.7/master).

2012-Mar-02 14:17:47 by wenger:
Oh, yeah -- Todd and I decided that if WriteUserLog::writeEvent() fails to write to the "normal" log file, it should return a value indicating an error; but if it just fails to write to the global event log, it should still return success (but should print an error or warning message).

2012-Mar-05 11:44:00 by wenger:
I've split the test part of this ticket out in to #2861, because the tests should go into 7.7, but the actual fix should go into 7.6.

2012-Mar-06 10:04:04 by wenger:
Okay, some partial changes for this are committed on the V7_6-gittrac_2858-branch.

Also, I started adding "ERROR:" to the error messages in write_user_log.cpp, because a lot of the existing error messages are not very clear, and I think it's useful to be able to easily find the things that are errors when looking at the logs, amidst all of the messages that are not errors.

2012-Mar-07 09:03:20 by nwp:
Test runs in batlab succeeded, so I am merging this into 7.6, then master. The tests in #2861 still need to be implemented, but I am resolving this ticket.
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Type: defect           Last Change: 2012-Mar-07 09:38
Status: resolved          Created: 2012-Mar-01 15:02
Fixed Version: v070607           Broken Version: v070705 
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