Ticket #3368: Red Hat linuxes fail to stop the condor service on shutdown

The beginning of /src/condor_examples/condor.init has the lines

# The program being managed


The end result is that any redhattish linux will not stop HTCondor with the shutdown script, because the name of the lock file /var/lock/subsys/condor_master does not match the /var/lock/subsys/condor that the /etc/rc.d/rc script is looking for on shutdown. The rc script concludes that HTCondor is not running because the lock file isn't there and thus never runs the shutdown script.

An unpleasant consequence of the above is when a sysadmin does a fast shutdown of the machine, they may get tons of emails from the master claiming

   "/usr/sbin/condor_startd" on "fnpc2024.fnal.gov" died due to signal 6 (Aborted).

resulting from the hard kill coming from the system at the very end of shutdown.

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2012-Dec-10 14:50:03 by tannenba:

TJ did a code review, all happy

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2012-Dec-10 14:42   Check-in [34336]: Fixed condor.init bug preventing stopping of HTCondor on shutdown. #3368 The system shutdown script on Red Hat Linuxes would fail to stop the condor service because the name of the lock file did not match the name of the service, as expected by the rc script. (By Todd Tannenbaum )