CVSTrac Attachments

CVSTrac allows arbitrary files to be attached to any wiki and ticket pages.

Attachments to a page are generally listed near the bottom of the page.

Attaching a File

Assuming you have proper permissions, clicking on an Attach link in a wiki or ticket page will send you to an upload form. Choose the file from your local disk and, optionally, add a wiki-formatted description. Then upload.

Note that any provided description cannot be editted after uploading.

Each uploaded attachment is internally assigned a unique identifier. As such, you can upload the same filename multiple times to as many places as you'd like, as many times as you'd like.

Maximum attachments sizes are configurable. The default is usually 100k.

Getting Attachments

Uploaded attachments can be downloaded simply by clicking on the link in the listing. CVSTrac preserves the original MIME type so as long as the uploader got that part right things like special viewers should be automatically launched by the browser.

Image attachments may also be inlined by the attachment filename with {image:} markups. Note that if the same filename was uploaded multiple times the results are undefined.