This page details targets for upcoming point releases, and also links to the roadmap for the current development series.

Forthcoming Release Plans

Goals for next Stable Releases

Version: 8.2.10

Code freeze on 2015-09-11, update CS pool on 2015-09-14, documentation freeze on 2015-09-15, release on 2015-09-17.

Tickets targeted for this release

Version: 8.4.0

Code freeze on 2015-08-28, update CHTC pool on 2015-08-31, documentation freeze on 2015-09-04, release on 2015-09-10.

Tickets targeted for this release

Goals for next Developer Releases

Version: 8.5.0

Code freeze on 2015-09-11, upgrade CHTC starting 2015-09-14, documentation freeze on 2015-10-02, release to web 2015-10-06.

Tickets targeted for this release