Each public release of HTCondor makes available on the HTCondor web site's download page both binaries (built on numerous platforms) and source code - just select a version, then place a check box next to HTCondor Source to download the source code used to build that version of HTCondor.

Alternatively, if you are familiar with the git revision control system, you can grab source code directly from a continuously updated git repository. Assuming you have git installed on your system, the following command will clone a repository containing the HTCondor source code including both the development (master branch) and stable release branches:

   git clone http://condor-git.cs.wisc.edu/repos/condor.git

Be patient, the source is big - cloning can take a while. Alternatively, the HTCondor source code repository is also mirrored at GitHub, enabling GitHub users to easily fork the HTCondor source in order to do revision-controlled development of experimental features. The GitHub URL is:


A great way to follow HTCondor development is by looking at the Timeline for this wiki, which gives a daily summary of what code or tickets changed (also available as an RSS feed). The Timeline is available by clicking [Timeline] at the top of this page, or directly via URL:


Another way to follow development is via Gitweb, a web portal into the source code repository, available via URL: