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Question: Can CVSTrac be run in a chroot jail?

Answer: See ChrootJailForCvstrac.

Question: I don't want CVSTrac to change my CVSROOT/passwd file. How do I keep it from changing that file when I add new users to CVSTrac?

Answer: CVSTrac will not change the CVSROOT/passwd file if you turn off write permission on that file. There is also an option under the Setup menu that an administrator can use to turn off CVSROOT/passwd writing.

Question: I have multiple projects in the same CVS repository. How can I set of separate CVSTrac instances for each project?

Answer: There is an option under the Setup menu that will cause CVSTrac to ignore all files whose names do not match a specified prefix. If all of your projects have distinct prefixes, you can use this option to restrict each CVSTrac instance to a single project.