New design documents should be created as Google Drive documents. They should be placed into the shared folder "HTCondor Design Documents." If you don't have edit access, contact someone who does to get added.

You can browse existing design documents.

Files should be named "XXXX Design Doc: Title", where XXXX is the gittrac ticket number. We include "Design Doc" in the title to simplify searching.

New design documents should go in "Unreviewed Designs." Once reviewed, by move into the appropriate "Reviewed vX.Y Designs" folder. When a development series is retired, the "Reviewed vX.Y Designs" folder will be moved to the "Archives."

How to log in

  1. If you want to simultaneously be logged into a personal account, do so first. If you use the UW login first, it is difficult to later log into your personal account.
  2. - Log in as usual.
  3. If you logged into a personal account first, going to Google addresses will be your personal account; but following links from the UW login will be your UW account.

(You can log in from any Google login page; just omit your password when you click "Sign In" to be taken to the UW's login page. This doesn't work if you're already logged into a personal account.)

Public Comments

Consider modifying your design document to allow public comments. This can't be enabled folder-wide, so you'll need to enable it for each document.

  1. From the list of document, right click on the document.
  2. Share > Share
  3. Scroll to the top
  4. Next to "Public on the web" click "Change..."
  5. At the bottom, next to "Access:Anyone (no sign-in required)" change it to "Can comment"

Getting Set Up

Find someone with edit access to the folder and ask them to grant you edit access. You should get an email with details. When you click "HTCondor Design Documents" in the email, you'll end up at the folder. In the upper right corner should be "Add to your Drive" or similar. Click on it. It will now read "Open in your Drive" or similar, click on it. You should now be set up!

Setting Someone Else Up

  1. Log in to Google Drive.
  2. Right click on the HTCondor Design Documents folder in the column on the left. Select Share > Share.
  3. Enter in the person's UW NetID in the box at the bottom.
  4. Ensure that the droplist next to their address says "Can edit".
  5. Click ""Share & Save."
  6. Done!

Working Offline

If you want to be able to read or edit documents while not online, you will need to use Google Chrome and enable offline mode. You should only edit documents offline if you are reasonably sure that you are the only editor; Google does silent merges which can lose data with no history about the lost data! Adding comments offline should be safe.

Design Document Backups

See GoogleDriveDesignDocumentBackups

Secret documents

You probably don't need a secret document. Really, you probably don't. But just in case...

If you place a document into a folder, permissions granted by the folder will be added to the document. Even if you carefully remove people from the document after adding it to the folder, new people will be added to the folder will be added to your document. This means you should never move a "secret" document into the shared folder.

Rationale and Research

The original research into using Google Drive and rationale for trying it are archived at GoogleDriveResearch.