How to disable fair sharing

Known to work with HTCondor version: 7.0

By default, HTCondor adjusts user priorities over time based on how many slots the user claims. A user who has recently used a lot of the pool will therefore tend to have a worse priority than one who has used it less.

If you wish to disable HTCondor's automatic adjustment of user priorities, you can effectively do so with the following configuration setting:


Then a user's priority will be effectively constant. Note this means that if all your users have the same priority factor, machines will essentially be assigned in a round-robin manner across all users without regard to how much usage a user received in the past.

Of course, you could still adjust the relative priority of users, as usual:

condor_userprio -setfactor <user1> 10
condor_userprio -setfactor <user2> 20

In the example above, user1 should be able to claim twice as many machines as user2 (because user priorities are inversely proportional to share of the pool).