(AKA "cronman")

Known to work with HTCondor version: 7.0

Condor itself has build-in support for re-running a job on a certain time schedule. However, the same job id is re-run again and again, which can lead to problems: If the job goes on hold once, it is never re-run until it is released. The job never ends up in the history file, and it is hard to measure usage for each instance. Sometimes, you want a separate condor job for each timed run. Here's how to do that.

First, create a very simple dag. Put the followning in a file called cronman.dag

JOB A repeat.sub
SCRIPT POST A /bin/false
RETRY A 1000000

Then, you'll need a submit file that has the job proper:

universe = vanilla
executable = something
arguments = arg1 arg2

output = output.$(Cluster)
error = errorfile.$(Cluster)
log = log

# If you want to run once an hour, on the hour
#  see the manual for the full set of cron_ options
cron_minute = 0

Then, just submit the dag with

condor_submit_dag cronman.dag

After the DAG starts up, it will submit a child job, which will go into the run state right away. However, it won't actually "fire" until the minute hits "0". Then when the job is finished, it should leave the queue and a new job with a new ID should be submitted in its place (and again go into the run state right away).