Punchlist for creating a new ClassAds release

This ABI compliance checker program may be useful: http://ispras.linuxfoundation.org/index.php/ABI_compliance_checker

Note: The version given here isn't quite the version you'll see on the .so files. Libtool converts it like so: -version-info A:B:C results in libclassad.so. <A-C>.<C>.<B>. When releasing a version with incompatible ABI changes, you can end up with a big jump in the major version of the .so if you just increment A and set B and C to zero. Instead, you can set the new version like so: -version-info <1+A-C>:0:0. This will result in the major version of the .so incrementing by one.

mv /p/condor/public/html/classad/c++doc /p/condor/public/html/classad/c++doc.old
cp -r doc/html /p/condor/public/html/classad/c++doc
rm -rf /p/condor/public/html/classad/c++doc.old