This page displays tickets that have missing or malformed meta-data, and should be cleaned up by either the person assigned to the ticket, or the ticket creator if the ticket has not yet been assigned.

These are bad, they are bugs that are resolved but have no target version. This means no one can figure out what version of HTCondor the code went into without diving into the repository and doing some gymnastics.

Resolved tickets with no destination (should have 0 rows).
# Type Changed Assigned Broken Fixed Title
7560 enhance Jan 19 johnkn v080900   condor_qedit confusing editing multiples
7687 defect Dec 23 johnkn     Use stable GPU identifiers
7864 enhance 2020 Nov jfrey     Add GPU support for blahp jobs
7686 enhance 2020 Oct gthain v080900   Enforce per-submitter limits
6019 enhance 2020 Sep       Support sending of credentials/tokens with a new python credd-binding
7802 defect 2020 Sep gthain v080000   Condor processes at Nikhef escaping after glidein kills master
7250 enhance 2020 Sep coatsworth     enable a gwdata:// URL type for GW input files
7739 doc 2020 Jul tlmiller v080909   self-checkpointing manual section missing transfer_checkpoint_files
7125 enhance 2020 Jun matyas     Publish HTCondor-CE build artifacts from Travis
1130 enhance 2020 May   v000000   Add year to timestamps in user logs and dagman.out
7014 enhance 2019 Jun tlmiller     Vanila universe checkpoint on eviction by default
6989 enhance 2019 Apr gthain     invoke Singularity with special command that brings in NVIDIA drivers
4565 defect 2019 Mar       condor_config_val stops after the first undefined variable
3878 enhance 2018 Oct bt     Python Bindings Tests - Waiting on Brian B
6647 defect 2018 May karpel     HTCondor View: help link goes nowhere
6427 enhance 2017 Dec zmiller     Simple SciTokens improvements in HTCondor
6445 enhance 2017 Oct zmiller     when using SciTokens the starter should refresh the cred (from shadow)
6447 enhance 2017 Oct zmiller     when storing credential file in env, allow name to be configurable
6333 doc 2017 Jul tlmiller     Make secret/access vs private/public key file consistent
5816 enhance 2017 Jun tlmiller     Create an annex daemon.
5870 enhance 2016 Aug tlmiller     Allow configuration of Spot Fleet request's validity period.
4961 doc 2016 Aug wenger v080305   Document how to make DAG jobs run on the same machine
5139 enhance 2016 Jan bt v080307   Change in endtest turned 3 tests red everywhere
5455 defect 2016 Jan adesmet     HTCondor View: Fix edit and fullscreen for multi-URL charts
5457 defect 2015 Dec adesmet     HTCondor View: Do 12:00 AM- 12:59 AM work?
5392 enhance 2015 Dec       HTCondor View: Merge multiple data files
5389 enhance 2015 Dec       HTCondor View: how to return to "main" view of linked graph?
5406 enhance 2015 Nov adesmet     HTCondor View: rename columns
5387 enhance 2015 Nov adesmet     HTCondor View: turn afterquery into a proper object
5399 enhance 2015 Nov adesmet     HTCondor View: Add download option for chart
5390 enhance 2015 Nov adesmet     HTCondor View: Ignore trailing comma on inbound JSON
5386 enhance 2015 Nov adesmet     HTCondor View: fix afterquery error reporting
5354 enhance 2015 Nov adesmet     HTCondor View: custom queries ("edit")
5353 enhance 2015 Nov adesmet     HTCondor View: full screen
5360 enhance 2015 Nov adesmet     HTCondor View: use strict
5366 enhance 2015 Nov adesmet     HTCondor View: multiple charts in one page
5365 enhance 2015 Nov adesmet     HTCondor View: Move query logic back to HTML
5355 enhance 2015 Nov adesmet     HTCondor View: Clean up API
5352 enhance 2015 Nov adesmet     HTCondor View: download data as CVS
2053 enhance 2015 Oct wenger     Regression test ticket for dagman fd throttle
4360 defect 2015 Aug bbockelm     python-bindings compile errors on EL5 for PROPER builds
3640 enhance 2015 Aug edquist     support UW-style builds in the unified condor rpm
3704 enhance 2015 Aug edquist v070904   Python bindings in condor should be in a separate RPM
3453 enhance 2015 Aug   v070904   improve scheduling of condor_q processing in the schedd
1135 enhance 2015 Aug jfrey     "Real" dynamic binary releases
5133 doc 2015 Jul smoler     accounting groups clarification/example
9 enhance 2015 May       IPv6: clean up old tickets
4495 enhance 2015 May       IPv6: mixed-mode central manager
2338 enhance 2015 May       Unit tests for IPv6
2716 enhance 2015 Feb bbockelm     Code review new Gratia Condor probe
4835 defect 2015 Feb tlmiller     Broken code path in BindCommandPort()?
4161 doc 2015 Jan smoler v080000   further clarify PREEMPTION_RANK definition

These are almost as bad, they are bugs that someone fixed but we don't know who it was without gymnastics.

Resolved and Unassigned Tickets (should have 0 rows)
# Status Reporter Subsys Changed Prio Due Date Title
1335p resolved adesmet   2013 May 1   Should condor_* tools be in /s/std/bin?
3517 resolved adesmet   2013 Jul 1 20130503 Organize HTCondorWeek 2013
4314 resolved bbockelm   2014 May 2   Shared port blocking
3090 resolved kronenfe Tests 2013 May 3   Improve dagman tests
4337 resolved cat VM 2014 May 3   VM universe does not report CPU and memory usage
2961 resolved tannenba   2014 Aug 3 PARENT Roadmap for v7.9 development series
9 resolved matt   2015 May 3   IPv6: clean up old tickets
4960 resolved wenger Dag 2015 Jun 3   Change DAGMan to accommodate submit file globbing
6681 resolved tpdownes   2019 Apr 3   bake-in relevant functions of singularity wrappers to Condor
5666 resolved johnkn Libs 2020 May 3   submit via python bindings should work like condor_submit
1130 resolved wenger Libs 2020 May 3   Add year to timestamps in user logs and dagman.out
6019 resolved iain.steers PythonBinding 2020 Sep 3   Support sending of credentials/tokens with a new python credd-binding
7009 resolved jfrey DaemonsSubmitNode 2020 Dec 3   DAGMan event log messed up when job has no event log
3549 resolved jfrey   2013 May 4   Leaked job processes on MacOS in Batlab
1267 resolved PitS Packaging 2013 Jun 4   NMI Builds for window should also make MSI packages
1212 resolved psilord Libs 2013 Sep 4   Function ltrunc() is unused and should be removed.
4245 resolved bbockelm   2014 Apr 4   Python bindngs should support high-availability collector setups
508 resolved matt   2014 Apr 4   Cannot use MyType/TargetType in constraints
3546 resolved tlmiller Daemons 2014 Aug 4   Advertise CPU flags.
4303 resolved bt Tests 2014 Aug 4   condor_config_val -set -unset -rset -runset
2750 resolved bbockelm   2014 Aug 4   Fix clang and other warning from MacOS build
4664 resolved dweitzel DaemonsExecNode 2014 Nov 4   Chirp config named incorrectly
4513 resolved adesmet   2014 Dec 4   IPv6: ConvertDefaultIPToSocketIP always sets IPv4 address
2215 resolved adesmet   2015 May 4   IPv6 testing
2338 resolved adesmet   2015 May 4   Unit tests for IPv6
4495 resolved adesmet   2015 May 4   IPv6: mixed-mode central manager
4635 resolved tlmiller Unknown 2015 May 4   The CMS IPv6 Requirements and Problems
2764 resolved adesmet   2015 Jun 4   IPv6 sock_peer_to_string fails to return buf
3765 resolved bt Tests 2015 Jun 4   cmd_drain issues
4987 resolved wenger Dag 2015 Jun 4   DAGMan shouldn't open a command socket?
2339 resolved adesmet   2015 Jun 4   Bug hunting in IPv6 integration
3453 resolved danb   2015 Aug 4   improve scheduling of condor_q processing in the schedd
4336 resolved johnkn   2015 Aug 4   Make dict-like objects in Python bindings even more dict-like
4452 resolved adesmet   2015 Nov 4   Collector port not defined, will use default: 9618 localhost
5389 resolved adesmet   2015 Dec 4   HTCondor View: how to return to "main" view of linked graph?
5392 resolved adesmet   2015 Dec 4   HTCondor View: Merge multiple data files
5475 resolved tlmiller   2016 Jan 4   Allow user to add to annex nodes' configuration
5703 resolved tlmiller Libs 2016 Jun 4   An /etc/condor/groups file?
6506 resolved tlmiller Libs 2017 Dec 4   NETWORK_INTERFACE= on Windows causes collector to crash ...?
6528 resolved johnkn   2018 Feb 4   Work to make it easier for the SWAMP to detect stuck jobs
2653p resolved adesmet   2018 Sep 4   Burn Rust to the ground
4565 resolved blin Tools 2019 Mar 4   condor_config_val stops after the first undefined variable
1365 resolved wenger Unknown 2020 Jan 4   Replace RUST with something that can deal with !@#$%^& attachments!
5498 resolved adesmet   2020 Oct 4   Alan Brain Dump
4610 resolved adesmet   2018 Jan 5   Unify local address desirability

These are action items that have associated commits, which means they were either fixing bugs (defect) or adding a feature (enhancement),

Non-code Tickets with Commits (should have 0 rows)
# Type Status Assigned Broken Fixed Commits Title
1 todo abandoned       3 Another Test
3 todo new tannenba     4 Customize GitTrac
5 todo resolved tannenba     3 Add CLA field to User table
6 todo abandoned       1 Remove Delete function for Tickets
147 todo resolved tannenba     1 Clarify decription of a ticket priority
148 todo resolved tannenba     1 Resolved tickets do not appear w/ strike thru in wiki
992 incident resolved zmiller v070400 v070401 1 problems with GSI in 7.4.0
1805 incident resolved zmiller   v070601 6 Very high level of DNS queries coming from condor
2885 incident resolved zmiller v070705   6 fermi can't replicate old behavior of accounting groups
3422 todo resolved bbockelm     1 Fix locking code
3423 todo resolved bbockelm     2 Bad slot name assumptions in lark.
3424 todo resolved bbockelm     2 Lark Bridge name is not yet configurable
3464 todo resolved bbockelm     2 Send out gratuitous ARP at the beginning of Lark-enabled job
3500 todo resolved bbockelm     5 Create Lark bridge, including moving routes and addresses
3547 todo resolved bbockelm     3 Lark - Reuse mac addresses
3553 todo resolved bbockelm     1 Lark - Reuse DHCP address
3556 todo resolved bbockelm     1 Lark - Fix network accounting for bridge mode
4022 todo new johnkn v080000   13 Use pre-built libraries for Windows builds
4023 todo new johnkn v080000   2 64bit port of HTCondor on Windows
4072 todo new johnkn v080000   1 Build python bindings on Windows
4261 todo defer gthain v080004 v080501 2 condor_q -run shows parititonable slot not dynamic slot
4286 todo resolved tannenba     1 CondorView client tarball not packaging problem
4551 incident new johnkn v080007 v080220 1 Windows user reports corruption of job queue on restart
4895 incident resolved jfrey   v080209 3 condor_q blacklisting sole collector
5157 incident resolved jfrey   v080308 3 isStillRunnable should examine job lease
5160 todo resolved johnkn v080202 v080209 2 condor_status -long -attributes does not do projection
5175 incident resolved wenger   v080508 3 Have condor_dagman condor_rm jobs on SIGUSR1 (revert #4618)
5180 incident resolved jfrey   v080308 2 Globus interface shift
5197 incident resolved johnkn v080000 v080209 3 MSI installer doesn't set desktop policy when asked to
5221 incident resolved jfrey v080200 v080410 1 condor_q treats -name differently than other tools
5239 todo resolved tlmiller   v080210 1 Backport shared port / keyboard daemon fix to 8.2.10
5243 todo stalled coatsworth v080308 v080614 1 Avoid DAGMan restarts on dprintf failure, etc.
5253 incident resolved jfrey v080200 v080401 2 Blahp thread limit can kill gridmanager
5348 incident resolved jfrey   v080508 5 JobRouter should perform spooling as source job user
5382 incident resolved tim v080400 v080402 1 Restart from checkpoint failing for HTCondor 8.4.1
5414 incident resolved johnkn v080400 v080403 1 condor_q -append statements don't affect queue line
5429 incident abandoned jfrey v080402   1 "Permission denied" log messages with HTCondor CE
5442 incident resolved tlmiller   v080404 5 grid manager and EC2 GAHP hang under load.
5454 todo resolved adesmet     1 HTCondor View: Add a date picker
5488 incident resolved tlmiller v080402 v080404 4 master blows assert if old shared port ad in address file
5504 incident resolved johnkn v080308 v080405 2 condor_off -peaceful does not contact all requested machines
5561 incident resolved tlmiller v080404 v080505 11 [EC2 GAHP] Retry on AWS' RequestLimitExceeded
5577 incident resolved jfrey v070705 v080406 2 RunningJobs and FlockedJobs in submitter ads are messed up
5641 todo resolved wenger v080406 v080508 2 DAGMan should allow workflow logs on NFS if !ENABLE_USERLOG_LOCKING
5650 todo abandoned tlmiller     7 AWS Marketplace
5692 todo resolved tlmiller v080503 v080506 1 Mixed-mode tests should not PREFER_IPV4.
5725 todo active miron     3 Think about DAGMan "authorization" nodes
5896 todo resolved tim   v080409 4 Move tmpfiles configuration to /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/
5933 todo defer gthain v080400 v080410 2 cpu_exceeded startd policies are invalid
6020 incident resolved johnkn v080507 v080508 2 condor-c and jobRouter should delete TotalSubmitProcs
6034 incident resolved tlmiller v080507 v080508 4 Work around my_popenv error sensitivity.
6066 todo stalled   v080508   9 Make additional final node tests
6107 todo resolved johnkn v080507 v080601 2 bosco remote ft-gahp config not correct ?
6193 todo resolved johnkn   v080701 1 collector should have a way to reset stats without restarting.
6373 todo resolved gthain v080700 v080704 1 Port gsoap to openssl 1.1
6403 todo review gthain v080605 v080704 4 Rehaul of the openmpiscript and related scripts
6441 todo resolved coatsworth   v080706 5 Extend transfer_history logging to regular CEDAR transfers
6569 todo abandoned tlmiller v080707 v080708 1 Test multiple PEAK metrics.
6583 incident resolved tlmiller   v080610 2 VM Universe jobs and use policy : hold_if_memory_exceeded
6584 incident resolved tlmiller   v080708 5 Glide-ins misreport GPU device names
6596 incident resolved tlmiller v080609 v080611 2 Share port daemon hanging on Debian 8
6629 incident resolved tlmiller   v080708 4 condor_annex fails when uploading config files to us-east-2
6650 todo resolved tim   v080708 4 Update boost external
6665 todo resolved tlmiller   v080709 3 Update AWS Lambda functions by July 31
6670 todo new karpel     1 HTCondor View: HTML generation
6678 todo new karpel     1 HTCondor View: add help information to charts
7661 incident abandoned tlmiller     1 condor_procd spontaneous EXCEPTs which causes a condor_startd EXCEPT
7719 incident resolved gthain v080800 v080810 2 Allow singularity to be configured to read from /dev/shm and sysv ipc
7738 incident resolved gthain v080809 v080909 1 Jobs on hold due to output and error files with permission ugo-rwx

There are a handful of bugs that aren't following the v0X0Y0Z version field format. This is just sloppy, and results in misapplied stats.

Tickets with invalid version fields (should have 0 rows)
# Target v Broken v Submitter Assignee Title
No records match the report criteria