Building Exactly the Way We Do on Our Build Farm

  1. Select an appropriate build container: examine /nmi_tools/nmi-build-platforms and choose a Docker image. The source (Dockerfiles) for containers appropriate to build HTCondor on many different distros is available in directory /build/nmi-build/

  2. Start the Docker container: docker run -it htcondor/nmi-zdev:x86_64_CentOS7-09010300

  3. Switch from root to a user account (condorauto): su - condorauto

  4. Fetch the sources: git clone

  5. Select the number concurrent compilations (Default 1): export OMP_NUM_THREADS=4

  6. Create a work directory: mkdir work; cd work

  7. Build the packages: ../htcondor/ ../htcondor

  8. extract the tarballs: ../htcondor/nmi_tools/glue/build/make-tarball-from-rpms .