Setup successful.
+{subsection: Checking the Setup}
+You can verify at this point (or any later time) that the setup procedure completed successfully by running the following command.
+$ condor_annex -check-setup
+Checking for configuration bucket... OK.
+Checking for Lambda functions... OK.
+Checking for instance profile... OK.
+Checking for security group... OK.
 {subsection: Undoing the Setup Command}
 There is not as yet a way to undo the setup command automatically, but it won't cost you anything extra to leave your account setup for =condor_annex= indefinitely.  If, however, you want to be tidy, you may delete the components setup created by going to the {link: CloudFormation console} and deleting the entries whose names begin with 'HTCondorAnnex-'.  The setup procedure also creates an SSH key pair which may be useful for debugging; the private key was stored in =~/.condor/HTCondorAnnex-KeyPair.pem=.  To remove the corresponding public key from your AWS account, go to the {link: key pair console} and delete the 'HTCondorAnnex-KeyPair' key.