HTCondor on Windows platforms relies on built-in performance counters for its operation. If performance counters that HTCondor requires are disabled, daemons may exit with a message such as

1/26 09:16:42 (fd:2) (pid:5732) ERROR: "Unexpected performance counter
    size for total CPU: 0 (expected: 8)" at line 2846 in file


1/20 15:29:14 (pid:2484) ERROR "unable to spawn the ProcD" at line 136
    in file ..\src\condor_c++_util\proc_family_proxy.C

and even

4/16 10:49:13 loadavg thread died, restarting. (exit code=2)

To enable the performance counters, check the registry key

If a value for Disable Performance Counters exists, delete it or set it to 0.